Erectile dysfunction is one of the most common andrological diseases in men over 40. The common symptoms of erectile dysfunction are the inability to achieve and/or maintain an erection in the penis and a weakened libido.

Qualified urologists andrologists have the necessary skills to diagnose and treat pathology. Turning to the clinic, you will be able to quickly pass the necessary examinations with the unique equipment. Experienced doctors will prescribe effective treatment of erectile dysfunction by oral medications, injections or complex therapy. In some cases when medication treatment is ineffective, surgical intervention is necessary.

The clinic employs qualified doctors. Urologists andrologists have been trained in the best national and foreign medical centers and have extensive experience in treating erectile dysfunction in men.

Professional equipment is used to perform diagnostics of erectile dysfunction. Additional sensors ensure high reliability during transrectal or transabdominal examination of organs of abdominal cavity and lesser pelvis and also during dopplerography examination of penile vessels. Use of high-quality reagents guarantees accuracy of examinations, and the newest automatic analyzers of leading manufacturers provide high reliability of results.

Types of diseases and treatment methods

Depending on the cause of erectile dysfunction there are vascular and psychogenic erectile dysfunction.

Vasculogenic erectile dysfunction occurs as a result of abnormal arterial flow, the cause of which may be:

  • clogging of the arteries in the pelvic area due to fractures or trauma;
  • hypertension;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • obesity and other factors.

Treatment involves taking medications to restore an erection, prescribed individually for each patient. You can find medications at This site has excellent medications that will help you quickly solve the problem of erectile dysfunction.

Psychological erectile dysfunction can occur under the influence of many psychogenic causes: depression, chronic fatigue, sexual fears and more. Before proceeding to therapy, it is necessary to obtain a consultation with a psychotherapist, after which treatment with physical therapy methods is recommended.