Boxing is one of the most famous types of martial arts. This sport is very popular in such countries as America, England and Germany. Perhaps, in these countries were born the most famous boxers of the world, which everyone knows: Mohammed Ali, Mike Tyson, etc. Boxing is a sport in which two participants, close in weight, attack each other with their fists (placed in special gloves), during several periods called rounds. If you are interested in boxing news or even CFL news, you should use today’s specialized websites.

Boxing is divided into three types: Amateur, Semi-professional and Professional. All the virtues of amateur boxing can be seen in the Olympics and other competitions sanctioned by the sport’s associations. Amateur boxing has a scoring system awarded for hitting the opponent’s face accurately.  The fight lasts three rounds, three minutes each. Semi-professional boxing – the World Series Boxing (WSB) was created in 2010. It is a semi-professional boxing league. Unlike the well-known amateur boxing, here the league members take part in sanctioned bouts, where they fight with bare torso and without protective helmets. But league members maintain their amateur status and can compete in the Olympics as before.

Professional boxing – unlike amateur boxing, the fight lasts from 10 to 12 rounds. In professional boxing helmets are forbidden but a referee can stop the fight if he sees that one of the boxers can no longer continue or if he cannot fight due to injury. In this case, the opponent is declared the winner by a TKO.

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee

Even people, far from boxing, probably heard this famous phrase. It sums up the essence of boxing: to be fast, light, agile, but at the right moment to hit your opponent accurately and hard! The author of the phrase, boxer Mohamed Ali, was the embodiment of this philosophy, and it brought him worldwide fame. Boxing is not about fighting, but about seeing the world. It’s about overcoming and perseverance. It’s about self-control.

Like many martial arts, boxing came to us from life: since ancient times, people solved many problems with their fists. Fist fights were a constant companion of man since ancient times. The first mention of them can be found in the Sumerians and ancient Egyptians. The modern form of boxing emerged in the late 19th century in England, when the general rules of the competition were formed. By the way, that’s why the classic form of boxing is sometimes called English.

Boxing is not always about hitting only with the hands. There are several varieties of boxing, where you can apply and legs. There are several main types of boxing: classical boxing, Thai boxing or muay Thai, French boxing, kickboxing. Amateurs and professionals take part in boxing. The division among athletes is by weight categories. Also boxing is included in the Olympic program, which makes it more attractive. Despite its apparent simplicity, boxing is a very intellectual sport. You can find specialized sites and get access to the latest news about boxing.