Most men who are actively engaged in their health and who build muscle mass in gyms take protein – a food supplement with a large (more than 80%) concentration of protein substance. Undoubtedly, they are interested in the effect of this product on potency. At present, the opinion of experts is unambiguous: the natural dietary supplement is a stimulant of natural processes in the male body, without having any effect on the sexual abilities of men. Negative effects on sexual function are produced by steroids, also often taken by athletes, which, in fact, led the strong half of mankind to the misconception about the protein.

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Possible Causes of Decreased Potency Attributed to Protein

So why has an initially erroneous opinion been held “afloat” for so long? The following factors may be at play here:

  • psychological – taking a protein supplement and constantly thinking about its harm, a man exposes himself to doubts, worries about it, stresses, which eventually affect his sex life;
  • physical – irregular exercise on the machines and irrational rest can lead to disorders of the sexual system;
  • consumption of cheap and low-quality products – poor quality protein is made on the basis of soy, which contains phytoestrogen, a prototype of the female sex hormone, which has a negative effect on the potency of men;
  • individual intolerance to the product is very rare.

Even taking a large amount of protein does not affect potency, but only leads to a slight dehydration of the body. In this case, with a dietary supplement, it is simply recommended to drink a lot of water for better absorption of protein. In general, exercising is very good for your potency, and using protein will allow you to achieve better athletic results. So indirectly, protein can even have a positive effect on your body in terms of potency. After all, if you use protein, your muscles will grow faster. Consequently, you will be able to tolerate serious physical exertion, which affects the production of testosterone. Testosterone production has a positive effect on potency, because testosterone is the main male hormone.

So it makes sense to forget about your doubts and devote more time to sports training. High-quality protein can help you achieve great results. But you have to remember to buy a quality product, because cheap products have many side effects.

Drugs for potency

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