The Internet is full of information and tips on how men can overcome the causes of rapid or premature orgasm, to prolong sex. The intimate question of how long not to cum – worries every second representative of the stronger half. And there is a way out of such a delicate situation. You can take a closer look at the drugs, which are on the website

Reasons for the quick ejaculation

Sexologists say that in more than 70% of cases intimacy between partners may end after two minutes due to male ejaculation. Why does this happen during sex?

  • The influence of external factors such as: sex for the first time in life, prolonged abstinence, congenital hyperexcitability, which is noted in 5% of men around the world, fatigue, constant masturbation, even the choice of an unsuccessful position.
  • Psychological fears related to fear of accidentally impregnating a woman, distracted attention, low level of trust in a partner, fear of looking awkward, fantasizing about another woman in bed, uncomfortable environment, not wanting sex purely out of marital duty, etc.
  • Health problems: genitourinary infections, prostate problems, hormonal disorders and others.

Sexual techniques

You may have already studied all the ways not to cum for a long time, posted on various thematic blogs. Chances are that you have already tried most of them, such as: training the pubic-dorsal muscles, using strong condoms or a pair at once, eating the right foods, choosing the most successful position, independently controlling the pace and other tricks that help you not to cum for a long time with your girlfriend. But still neither themselves nor the partner was not satisfied with the duration of intercourse. Do not worry, there are methods that will absolutely help you learn how to not cum for a long time, to be in bed no worse than famous porn stars. This is the use of various drugs prolongation. 

Quality products

Various drugs are used by both older men and young guys. They improve potency, increase arousal, prolong an erection, improving the quality of intimate life, returning confidence in manhood, improving relationships with your sweetheart. With all the advantages of drugs prolonging action, it is important for men that the product was of high quality and certified. This allows you to protect your health from possible negative consequences. The online store offers generics of a new generation, which act as well as the original products, and their cost is much lower. All products are of high quality.

Weigh the pros and cons

Men note that after taking the listed drugs, they no longer feel insecure, sexually intolerant, quickly cumming rabbits. They note that the quality of intimate life improves, and possible minor side effects do not cause much discomfort against the background of all the benefits. So if you have a problem, it makes sense to look into specialized medications.