A set of quality muscle tissue is the main task that athletes have set themselves when they start taking steroids. However, everyone has probably heard that some drugs have a greater effect, while others do not achieve the desired result. Hence the question: Do all steroids grow in mass? It interests almost every beginner who has decided to take the AAS course for the first time. Weight gain is observed practically on all courses, but how significant it will be depends on the action of a particular drug. More information here.

Anabolics and androgens

All steroids are divided into anabolics and androgens, which supposedly have different properties. In fact, both anabolic and androgenic activity is equally characteristic of testosterone and they do not exist without each other. Although in laboratories, experts have learned to create drugs with significant skewness in one side. That’s what led to this division of steroids.

To find out if all steroids grow in mass, let’s consider their anabolic and androgenic properties. Drugs with a high anabolic index (AI) provide little mass gain. Their action is aimed more at removing excess fluid from the body, which is why they are often used in drying courses.

The androgens include the following effects:

  • Significant weight gain. Implemented due to the property of contact with myoblasts.
  • Fat burning. Blocks the synthesis of fat cells and triggers the processes as a result of which they begin to be used as an energy source.
  • Masculinization. The manifestation of sexual traits by male type.

We can say that both anabolics and androgens grow in mass, but the latter cope with this task more effectively. However, girls are advised to take drugs with high AI, as they do not cause strong side effects.

Course without risk to health

Regardless of sports experience, many sooner or later decide to use special drugs to increase strength, gain muscle mass or add relief. For better effect, they are often taken courses, which are a combination of different AAS. Depending on weight and age, the dosage and sequence of ingredients are formed individually for each athlete. 

Which anabolics can be taken without any harm to health?

As there is no completely harmless sport pharmacology, you should consult with a specialist before taking steroids, who will competently draw up the necessary program. In fact, all AAS at the right dosage do not cause any harm to athletes, but on the contrary – allow to achieve the desired result many times faster. In addition to the significant individual properties of steroids, it is proven that their combination leads to an even better effect.

Safe course of steroids

The issue of the safety of anabolic course is regulated by its negative impact on the body, which should be minimal. In addition, the lifter must clearly follow the advice of a specialist who will assist in deciding on the appropriate dosage, duration and frequency of a particular drug. This can be done by first contacting your doctor, who will monitor your health throughout the course, or by visiting specialist shops, where there are qualified staff who know all about AAS and are always ready to help you with your choice.

In addition to the right combination of steroids, a balanced diet that includes enough calories and a balance of the body’s calories, as well as regular exercise that should be more intense at this time, also plays a major role in achieving results. You can find many different steroids at the Drug Store online.