Workout is an amateur street sport that involves performing various exercises on sports grounds – on bars, Swedish walls or simply on the ground. The main emphasis in these exercises is on working with your own weight. 

Workout quickly became not just a street entertainment, but a separate direction in the sports field. It happened because it began to rapidly spread to the masses: there are workout battles, which were held first on public and then on professional sports grounds. Every year there are world championships on workout; forums and festivals are constantly organized, so everyone can demonstrate their skills.

Some girls deliberately reject spacious halls and coaches. Many women have found a lot of advantages in the workout: independently adjust their load, invent complex exercises and bring their performance to perfection. And the most important thing is how much male attention is attracted to a girl performing dizzying tricks on the bars!

Workout for beginners

Workout includes exercises on various bars with complex elements and tricks that over time will allow you to master your body on the verge of fantasy. In addition to such training, in an expanded sense, workout activities include cycling, running, and push-ups using various items, etc., i.e. all those sports activities that take place outdoors.

Due to the popularization of this direction, many young people strive for workout activities and try to achieve the best results. To help some people that just want to start such exercises, we will talk about the simplest, basic exercises.

Workout exercise complex

Workout training in the first stage usually consists of three main species:

  • push-ups;
  • pull-ups on the horizontal bar;
  • push-ups on bars.

Workout exercises for beginners do not differ for males and females, so the basic complex is designed for both sexes. Here is recommended on abs workouts for women.

Workout for women

Workout for girls and women has a number of undeniable advantages, for example:

  1. Loss of extra kilograms directly depends on the amount of muscle mass, as for its service the body needs additional energy, which it receives by burning calories.
  2. Girls who do fitness have a slender sports figure. Workout classes will help to improve the overall appearance, as well as to eliminate individual deficiencies.
  3. In addition to a beautiful and slim body, female workout helps to strengthen the body, makes it more resistant to various diseases, increases protective functions.
  4. During pregnancy, specially selected exercises will help to save a figure and restore it to its former performance after childbirth.
  5. Workout exercises have a positive effect on the nervous system, getting rid of stress and nervous strain.
  6. Training helps women and girls to become more confident in themselves, increase self-esteem, which has a positive impact on the achievement of any goals in life.
  7. Fitness classes, including workout, have a positive effect on the overall hormonal background, increase female sexuality through the increase of libido.

The most important thing in workout is regularity. Only regular training will allow you to achieve significant results and make you strong, resilient and healthy.