Dolphin Racing
Such races are popular in the United States, and more precisely in the states where the oceanariums. The main condition is the weight of the rider not more than fifty kilograms. It is necessary to sign up for the competition long before this event, because the number of applicants increases annually.

Rise on palm trees
This sport is held on the island of Fiji, where every year people try to climb a coconut palm. Since the competition was declared international, the organizers had to set the standard length of the tree. In the 1980s, a record rise time was set at five seconds. This record was set by an eighty-year-old citizen of Western Saoma, having received the promised one hundred dollars for the victory.

Swimming in the swamp
Record set by Steve Mendolo. To win he had to swim two lengths of sixty meter swamp, making his way through the algae fighting off leeches and newts.

Plastic Duck Racing
In the Avon River, which is in the UK, they launched one hundred thousand yellow plastic ducks. To carry out such a competition, the organizers had to load all the ducklings on a container that opened after a cannon shot. The duckling of Chris Green won, who swam a kilometer distance in two hours and fifteen minutes.

Racing on beds and baths
In Australia, arrange a race in the baths. The man in the bathroom must drive fifty-seven kilometers. The best time record is one hour twenty two minutes.

Such competitions exist in Russia. Shoot from onions on wooden pins. Bow can be both sporty and homemade. Asians liked these competitions so much that they are satisfied with before the classic archery competition.

Underwater Hockey
With the help of short clubs in a pool that is filled with water, twelve people play hockey and even clog the puck. Such a hockey personally, my surprise is actively developing in many countries, such as Japan, Belgium, France, the United States and the Netherlands.

Football in boots
The same football, but it is played on a small field and in felt boots and not just in felt boots. The size of the boots of all participants must be fortieth. This kind of sport is developing in Ulan-Ude, where the second competition has already passed.