Modern sport is of great importance in the development of safety. New technologies are being developed, highly qualified specialists are involved. But there are sports where people consciously take risks in order to experience the thrill and adrenaline rush again and again.

Bike Racing in Valparaiso
The small Chilean town of Valparaiso is known for the fact that, since 2003, the Valparaiso Cerro Abajo Bike Race is regularly held here. This competition is a four-minute descent from the hill on the highway, which is a set of sharp turns, springboards in five meters, and also has a huge number of potholes and steps.

Festival of flying kites in Pakistan
Basant is a festival for the launch of kites. But what is the danger of this competition? All snakes are equipped with blades, broken glass, and other cutting objects, and the aim of the competitors is to render other snakes unsuitable. Danger lurks not only participants, but also the audience, because snakes can fall and injure others.

Fights with stun guns in the USA
The participants of this competition are ready to receive an electric shock of 3 million volts, but it is worth saying that after several tragic battles this competition was officially banned, but continues to be very popular.

Kupershild Cheese Race
Each year, the competition collects a huge number of people willing to chase the cheese head. Cheese head accelerates to 150 km / h, it is very difficult to catch it. The weight of the cheese head is 5 kg, but earlier in these competitions, which are at least 200 years old, they rolled a circle weighing 18 kg. It was quite traumatic and the organizers of the competition decided to replace the circle with a lighter cheese head.

Kayaking down the Green River
Interesting kayak competitions on the Green River called The Green River Narrows Kayak Race are very popular. Every year hundreds of professionals and amateurs gather to conquer this river. It should be said that the length of the track

The World BASE Race in Norway
The title of winner among the most dangerous competitions belongs to The World BASE Race. This competition is a jump in a winged costume. This clothing makes it possible to float in the air without a parachute. The essence of the competition is that the winner is the one who is the fastest to reach the ground.