What, as not sport will help a person to develop physical strength, skills, endurance, and also well organizes a person.

And so what sport gives us what?

Martial arts are very popular not only with excellent tactics of striking, but also because it is there that you will be taught the philosophy of battle.

Training of athletes takes place in strict frames with special rituals, strict hierarchy and meditation. Sensei (mentors) initially instil in a person respect for an opponent, decent behavior in a duel and a spirit of justice. This kind of sport awards a person with discipline and good qualities.

Chess. When a person learns the game of chess, he becomes not only in the game but also in life more persistent, patient and assiduous. Thanks to this game you will learn to think many steps in front. It is chess that can be called an excellent decision-making accelerator and the main memory trainer.

Football is a real cure for depression. If you come to the game of your favorite team, you can shout, cheer for it and relieve stress.
But if you play football you will perfectly develop orientation in a large space, as well as coordination of movements. Football also teaches a person to act as one, fully trusting partners.

Tennis is the kind of sport that develops analytical skills in a person, teaches him to predict the actions of an opponent and to predict his steps. This sport is useful for those who already want to learn to behave in real healthy competition in the real world.

Golf will help a person to become more collected and focused, the character of a person changes, because it is projected onto reality. The easier you first begin to relate to your failures, the easier it is for you to overcome them later.
And if you choose a sport for your child, remember that they need innovation and diversity.