Sport should bring not only pleasure, but also good mood. Look at our choice from the list, and you will smile!

Cheese Chase
This sport takes its roots in the UK. Imagine how a big cheese head is pulled down from a huge hill, and behind it, like an unborn child, an unreal number of men are running. Very funny and funny sport, which, by the way, is recognized as official.

Underwater Hockey
Not the most active sight, but that is why it is funny. I advise you to watch this competition. Only here, as if in slow motion, you are looking at the incredibly focused faces of the players who are trying to beat off the puck as quickly as possible to their opponents.

Mustache and beard competition
Although this competition looks and is quite funny, but at the same time it is very cute. Especially the competition amuses young children who have never seen such beautiful “vegetation” in the male population.